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We help Gym Owners build trust, crush the competition, and generate more sales by utilizing our Integrated Reputation Management & Marketing Tool.


Automation starts the conversation

Get More Reviews than Before

Our integration into your member management system and our easy onboarding process will create a review gathering machine for your gym.

Review Customer
Chief Operating Officer - Camrose CrossFit
Promote on Social media & websites

Automatically Promote Reviews

If you want to build your gym, increase member sign ups each month, and get the revenue your business needs, then ReviewBiz is exactly what you need! 

Review Customer
Director of Operations - JetRide
Protect & Safeguard

Protect Your Online Reputation

No need to waste time and cherry-pick the members you want to ask for a review. We reach out to all your members and route the happy ones to the directories that matter to you, and for the unhappy ones, we make sure they privately give you feedback.

General Manager - Busy Body Fitness Center

Manage your gym's reputation

Increase member sign ups and retention, so your business can finally get the growth it deserves.

Boost local SEO

Get found faster and never have to beg potential members to join again!

Get insights

Drive revenue and delight members with reviews that build trust and authority, while getting them excited to be part of your cause

Stay connected with the voice of your members

Create raving fans excited to be part of your kick ass community

Beat the competition

Build a local strategy using frequent reviews as a foundation for your marketing strategy

Protect Online Reputation

Build positive reviews and show potential members that they belong to your community

How did ReviewBiz come to exist

We help gym owners like you build and grow the business of their dreams!

Andres is Colombian Born, American Made. He came to the U.S. when he was 2 years old and served in the Air Force after High School.

From serving in the U.S. Air Force and dedicating the early stages of his life to protecting and giving back to our nation by creating a platform to help Gym Owners develop a winning marketing strategy…

Andres is well known for developing a strong mind and body through waking up early for his morning run and eating sustainable and nutrient-dense food. If the military taught him anything, it’s that we are only strong through caring for our bodies and through caring for our brothers and sisters.

This inspired Andres, who already had a passion for marketing, health, and fitness, to build ReviewBiz, so he could help Gym Owners grow and give back to their community.

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Find out how you rank against your local competitors regarding review volume, recency of reviews, and average rating.

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