When you face challenges within your business, you often find it difficult to push through. Building a gym makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs, pull out your hair, and give up. 

However, you want to build a better future, and you know giving up is not an option. How can you overcome negative thinking and challenges to build a successful gym business?

You can start by listening to this inspirational Gym Owners Growth Zone podcast episode. Host Andres Escobar speaks with Dr. Nick Gagic, a chiropractor with a unique approach to rehabilitation and fitness. 

Dr. Nick draws insights from his decade of experience working with athletes and active clients and explores the importance of resilience, patience, and staying focused. Tune in to help you find your strength and push through your challenges as a gym business owner.

Meet Our Guest: Dr. Nick Gagic

  • Dr. Nick is a rehab-focused chiropractor specializing in more than just back and neck issues. He works closely with gym members to ensure a safe return to their workouts.
  • Besides his proficient role in Cairo Lab, he comes from Croatia and is motivated by his pursuit of providing valuable service to his community and not letting his family down. 

Approach to Therapy

  • Dr. Nick’s unconventional approach goes beyond traditional methods. 
  • Through manual therapy, he works with trainers at Cairo Lab to provide personalized treatment plans for his clients. 
  • He complements their services rather than taking clients away from trainers or gym owners. 
  • Also, Dr. Nick emphasizes the importance of focusing more on individual client preferences and less on competition within the fitness industry.

Health and Fitness Insights

  • During the conversation, Dr. Nick highlighted the importance of regular exercise and gym visits. 
  • He discusses how fitness centers should prioritize their clients’ diverse preferences over egos and competition within the industry. This includes balancing between established practices and adapting to meet individual client needs. 

The Influence of Patience and Not Over-thinking

  • Revealing a few personal struggles, Dr. Nick talks about the challenges of being an entrepreneur, particularly the need for patience and the tendency to overthink situations. 
  • He emphasizes staying calm and reminds us that hurdles in business, like those in life, are part of the journey. As he says, the “rainy” days are necessary to enjoy the “sunny” ones.

Collaboration within the Fitness Industry

  • In the fitness industry, it’s vital to collaborate rather than compete. 
  • Dr. Nick delves into his experiences, working hand in hand with trainers and gym owners to support their clientele rather than pull them away. 

Pushing Through Difficulties and Overcoming Challenges

  • In an inspirational segment, Dr. Nick discusses the importance of having a “why” and unwavering belief in achieving success. 
  • Drawing lessons from the past, he recommends younger professionals remain focused, avoid overthinking, and persistently push through tough times.

As a business owner, you’ll have more challenges than success, especially during the early days of running a business. The key takeaway of this episode is that you can overcome obstacles no matter how difficult they may be at the time. Listen to this week’s episode of the GOGZ podcast to hear an empowering discussion to help you push through the challenges you’re having as a gym owner. 

“Stay focused, but don’t overthink. Even the darkest day is not the darkest day. Push through. There will be sunlight, there will be daylight, and it will be brighter. You’ll have some rainy days to enjoy the sunny ones. Not everything will go according to plan. Adapt and adjust and continue to push forward.” – Nick Gagic.


Mark Manson’s book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F.”



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