In this episode of the GOGZ Podcast, Andres interviews Makoa, the owner and operator of Northridge Fitness Center. Together, they discuss Makoa’s challenges, the importance of perseverance, and the strategies he employed to build a thriving fitness center. Join them as Mako shares his insights and experiences in the fitness industry.


Makoa’s Journey: Building Northridge Fitness Center

  • Makoa shares his journey of taking over the gym and rebranding it in 2018 as Northbridge Fitness Center.
  • He credits his stepfather’s influence and support, who opened the gym in 2012.
  • Makoa started working out at a young age and eventually began training people, leading him to take on more responsibilities at the gym.
  • He highlighted his close relationship with his father and their pivotal conversation when he graduated high school, which propelled him to focus on business and take over the gym.


Understanding Client Needs and Creating Value

  • Makoa emphasizes the importance of understanding why clients join a gym and providing value to meet their needs.
  • He strives to create a comfortable and non-overcrowded atmosphere for his members, offering an enjoyable workout experience.
  • Makoa shares that knowing his clients personally has helped him tailor their services and programs more effectively.


Inspiring Lessons from Makoa’s Favorite Book 

  • Makoa and Andres discuss overcoming obstacles in business, drawing inspiration from the Milestones to Manhood book.
  • They share how challenges can be viewed as opportunities for growth and learning. 
  • Makoa and Andres believe that no matter what you’re going through, you are never given more than you can handle – it’s a matter of choice to grow or give up.


Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Makoa explains how the gym had to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue serving its clients.
  • They found a loophole in the government’s shutdown order by operating as a personal training facility, ensuring the health and safety of their members.
  • The gym limited access to members only and prioritized the health of their older clientele.
  • Makoa shares the importance of staying resilient and finding innovative solutions when faced with challenges.


Rise in Demand for Online Training

  • With the pandemic, Makoa’s gym saw increased demand for personal training.
  • They started offering online training through platforms like Zoom and FaceTime, which became popular during the lockdown.
  • Andres suggests using apps like True Coach for online training, where clients are provided with workout routines and form videos while being supervised remotely.


The Importance of Honesty and Integrity in the Fitness Industry

  • Makoa and Andres discuss the temptation and misuse of hormones and supplements in the fitness industry.
  • They both stress the need for transparency and honesty when discussing the dos and don’ts of using such substances.
  • Andres emphasizes the importance of natural development for younger individuals before considering any supplements or enhancements.


Join Andres and Makoa as they delve into the challenges, triumphs, and strategies behind building a successful fitness center. Makoa’s story of perseverance, adaptation, and integrity in the fitness industry provides valuable insight and inspiration for anyone looking to thrive in their own endeavors. Don’t miss out on this impactful conversation with practical tips and motivating experiences.


“I wish I had known that initially; it’s all about patience and dedication. The rewards will come if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.” – Makoa Beck.



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