No matter what industry you work in, adapting to rapid change is never easy. If you don’t adapt quickly to changes in the fitness industry, your business will fail in no time.


In this episode of the GOFZ podcast, host Andres has the privilege of sitting down with a remarkable guest who not only knows how to conquer obstacles, but also inspires others to do the same.


Today, he speaks with Eric Malzone, a former gym owner turned nomad, who brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to gym owners. Eric’s unstoppable passion and commitment to personal success without needing vacations are truly inspiring. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be motivated with this week’s episode of the GOGZ podcast.


The Journey from Small Spaces to Success

  • Eric recounts the challenges, successes, and personal struggles he faced as a gym owner.
  • He shares the difficult experiences of losing a child, a friend, and a pet during his ownership journey.
  • Despite the emotional setbacks, Eric’s gym grew from a small space to a thriving business.
  • He also hosts a podcast called Futurefitness Co., which focuses on the future of the fitness industry. 
  • Eric explains his new project, podcast collective IO, which offers a community for podcast hosts and opportunities for brand growth through network collaboration.


The Nomadic Lifestyle and Cold Water Exposure

  • Eric discusses his decision to sell the gym and embark on a nomadic lifestyle with his wife.
  • He advocates for the benefits of cold water exposure on mental health and wellness, suggesting simple practices like a daily 30 to 60 seconds of submerging oneself in cold water.
  • Andres adds a tip of putting ice in water and immersing one’s face for similar benefits.


The Power of Mentors and Coaches

  • Eric emphasizes the importance of seeking mentors and coaches at any stage of life.
  • Andres agrees, sharing his belief in the value mentors and coaches bring to personal and professional growth.


Inclusive Approach in the Fitness Industry

  • Eric believes that the fitness industry needs a more inclusive and holistic approach.
  • He mentions Exponential Fitness entering the Metaverse through VR and AR experiences with a partnership with Meta.
  • Andres expresses concerns about extended discomfort from wearing VR goggles and mentions Magic Leap’s focus on augmented reality.


Community and Accountability

  • Eric highlights the importance of community and accountability in the fitness industry.
  • He suggests incorporating these aspects into gym ownership strategies to foster a supportive environment.


Valuable Health Knowledge and Tools

  • Eric recommends Huberman Labs and Andrew Huberman’s podcast for valuable health knowledge.
  • He praises Riverside as a favorite online tool for podcast recording and content creation, mentioning the usefulness of its script feature.
  • Eric also shares a personal experience of facing financial challenges in his gym ownership. He highlights the importance of tracking expenses, having difficult conversations, and making tough decisions to improve profit margins.


Adapting to a Changing Industry

  • Eric discusses the changing definition of fitness and the need for the industry to adapt to the new health and wellness economy.
  • He started The Future in Fitness podcast to help himself and the industry adapt to upcoming trends.
  • Eric has recorded 360 episodes over seven years, building his network and obtaining consulting roles, sponsorships, and business coaching.


Living a Fulfilling Life

  • Eric emphasizes the importance of defining personal success and living a fulfilling life without solely relying on vacations.
  • He advises entrepreneurs and business owners to appreciate the freedom they have and constantly remind themselves of their personal definition of success.


From opening gyms to living a nomadic lifestyle, Eric’s story is a testament to the power of embracing change and challenging oneself. His dedication to building communities, seeking mentors, and staying true to his own definition of success is inspiring. 


Whether you’re a gym owner, an entrepreneur, or simply someone looking to make positive changes in your life, Eric’s experiences and wisdom will resonate deeply. Tune in now to not only gain valuable knowledge and perspective, but also to be inspired to take action, redefine success, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of health and wellness. 


“Yeah, well, I think ultimately, a lot of people haven’t sat down and defined what their personal definition of success is. What does success look like to you? Is it 5 million in the bank? Is that it?” – Eric Malzone



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