Get ready to be inspired and transported into a world where martial arts transcend mere physical discipline, becoming a gateway to purpose, fulfillment, and the realization of the extraordinary. In this episode of the GOGZ podcast, host Andres speaks with Ryan Conforti, an MMA fighter, on his journey of building a martial arts studio. Discover how his passion and dedication helped him get to where he is today in this week’s episode.

Martial Arts and Its Different Styles

  • Ryan shares his journey from college martial arts training to Brazilian Jujitsu and MMA, with a focus on jujitsu in recent years.
  • Andres discusses various martial arts styles and how they are constantly being reinvented.
  • Ryan provides insight into how different styles of martial arts, such as Taekwondo, often need to be more understood and have a broader range of techniques than people realize.

The Popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Its Characteristics

  • Jujitsu’s popularity is due to newness, focus on ground techniques, and global exposure through UFC.
  • Jujitsu practitioners prioritize safety over competition, focusing on avoiding injury rather than winning.

Personal Development and Overcoming Obstacles

  • Ryan has been straight edge his entire life, avoiding alcohol and drugs. He occasionally drinks yerba mate, a caffeinated beverage, for energy and focus.
  • Andres emphasizes the importance of sticking to a code or goal, even when faced with obstacles.
  • Ryan shares his approach to overcoming obstacles, which involves being stubborn and believing in a higher power.

Personal Beliefs and Struggles With Consistency

  • Ryan describes his personal belief system as something he always felt comfortable with, and he tries not to put words to it to avoid corruption or outside influence.
  • He grew up Catholic but found consistencies across different belief systems, and he feels safe and cared for with his personal beliefs.
  • Ryan shares his experience opening a martial arts school despite interruptions and challenges, emphasizing the importance of consistency and passion.
  • Ryan’s school now offers 38 weekly classes, showcasing his dedication to his craft and students.

Fitness and Martial Arts Industry Issues

  • Ryan discusses training classes and certifications in martial arts, mentioning various systems and organizations (e.g., Taekwondo, Jujitsu) and the importance of mastery and anatomy knowledge.
  • He discusses the apprenticeship model in martial arts, where students progress through the ranks and can become teachers after reaching a certain level of mastery.
  • Ryan shares his experience in both the fitness and martial arts industries, highlighting the importance of building relationships with members and incorporating different disciplines.
  • He believes the biggest issue in the fitness industry is the shift towards big box gyms that prioritize machines over free weights and open space, but notes progress towards a more balanced approach.

Fitness Training Methods and Their Relation to Dance

  • Ryan discusses the importance of relating fitness movements to real-life biomechanics and movement, citing examples like Animal Flow and Capoeira.
  • Andres agrees and adds that dance-based fitness programs like Zumba can also be beneficial but may blur the lines between fitness and dance.
  • Ryan mentions David Whack, an industry innovator who created the bosu ball and other materials, and how he uses rope flow as a practice to focus on head-to-toe balance and mobility.
  • He expresses that while David Whack’s techniques are genius, they can be replicated and turned into dance by others, losing their effectiveness as a fitness tool.

The story you’ve uncovered is not just one of martial arts, discipline, and physical prowess. It’s a testament to the incredible power of unwavering determination and the ability to channel youthful passion into a thriving reality. 

Ryan Conforti, who dared to chase his early dreams, reminds you that you need not be confined by the expectations of others or the constraints of societal norms. Listen to this powerful episode of the GOGZ podcast and discover why it’s essential to remain strong when following your dreams.

“If I have a goal, yeah, I will find my way to do it, no matter what comes up. And so if you have that mindset, from the beginning, when an obstacle does come up, it doesn’t feel as daunting because, you know, one way or the other. You’re, you’re going to get past it. Somehow, you’re going to be taken care of. You’re going to be okay.” – Ryan Conforti.


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