Welcome back to another episode of the “Gym Owners Growth Zone Podcast,” where host Andres dives into the different stories and experiences to help shape those in the fitness industry. In this session, you’ll discover the life of Billy Noething, a CrossFit gym owner, as he shares his journey, values, and the influences that have shaped his business.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear the highs and lows as a gym owner, the power of community, and the importance of faith in overcoming life’s challenges.

Building a Brand

  • Billy takes full responsibility for his gym’s operations and believes that his personality and beliefs shape everything within the business.
  • He understands that having a brand means being a business, which has positive and negative implications.
  • The foundation of his gym is a strong community, which influences every aspect of the business.

Seeking Wise Counsel

  • Billy shares his experience of seeking guidance from older individuals with more experience and wisdom than him.
  • These individuals, whether business owners or those in higher business positions, provide valuable advice and tips for overcoming obstacles.
  • While they may not have personally experienced the exact same situations, their understanding of overcoming challenges is greater than Billy’s, as they have faced similar struggles in their own journeys.

The Influence of Hip Hop

  • Hip hop has profoundly impacted Billy’s life, and he considers himself a student of the genre.
  • He emphasizes that everything he does is influenced by hip hop, from his personal style to the music played in his gym, especially in CrossFit gyms.
  • Billy explains that most CrossFit gyms have similar playlists and decor, but his gym stands out as the most urban gym in Palm Beach County, embracing diversity and authenticity.

Seeking Business Wisdom

  • Billy prioritizes seeking guidance from individuals with more business experience and education.
  • He believes in asking many questions to gain understanding and avoid making uninformed decisions.
  • Recognizing that he is not all-knowing, he values insight and information from wise counselors.

The Roller Coaster of Life

  • Growing up without his father’s guidance after his passing during a crucial transition period in his life, Billy compares life to a roller coaster with ups and downs.
  • He seeks stability and values having something to hold onto during turbulent times. His faith in God becomes his constant handrail, anchoring him and guiding him through the highs and lows of life.

Trust and Quality

  • Billy stresses the importance of trust in a healthy environment, especially within CrossFit gyms.
  • He believes that maintaining cleanliness is not only the bare minimum requirement for businesses but also crucial in gaining and maintaining clients’ trust.
  • Billy encourages individuals to use personal judgment when evaluating someone’s credibility rather than solely relying on certifications, as character and competence are equally important.

Billy reflects on the inspiration and motivation he draws from observing others. Resilience, determination, and consistency are the traits he admires in people and endeavors to implement in his own life.

He believes that while motivation may fluctuate, consistency and discipline can help negate the need for constant motivation. Listen to this powerful story to help you become a better gym owner!

“Having a brand means being the business. Everything that I do, everything that I believe, everything that I stand for and put out there, shapes everything that happens within my gym.” – Billy Noethig


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