When you started your business, you didn’t realize how difficult it would be to encourage others to sign up and join programs.

This is why you need to learn from others to help you become a better business owner. 

In this Gym Owners Growth Zone Podcast episode, host Andres Escobar speaks with Kyle Vamvouris, a former gym salesperson turned sales coach. They discuss the evolving landscape of gym memberships and the art of sales in the gym industry. 

Also, Kyle shares valuable insights and strategies for effective selling in this transactional market. Listen to learn how to navigate the world of gym memberships and master the art of sales.

Shift from Sales to Transactions 

  • Gym memberships have undergone a significant transformation, becoming more transactional in nature. 
  • Salespeople are no longer trained with scripts or frameworks. 
  • Instead, memberships are treated as a simple transaction – customers either want it or don’t.

Impromptu Speaking

  • Toastmasters played a crucial role in Kyle’s journey, providing opportunities for impromptu speaking and thinking on his feet. 
  • This skill has proven invaluable in the world of sales, where quick thinking is often required.

Diversifying Sales Backgrounds

  • Kyle brings a unique perspective to the gym industry, as he does not run a gym themselves. 
  • Instead, he works with B2B software and service founders to optimize their sales processes.  
  • His background gives a fresh approach to sales in the gym industry.

Persistence in Follow-Up

  • Many organizations miss out on potential customers who initially said no. 
  • Kyle emphasizes the importance of following up with individuals who have had trial sessions but did not make a purchase. 
  • This involves proactive efforts such as phone calls, personalized emails, and inviting them for another visit.

Understanding Motivation 

  • “Action equals why” – to engage effectively, understanding a person’s motivation is key.
  • By uncovering their goals and motivations, sales professionals can position themselves as the solution they seek. 
  • In the gym industry, this approach is crucial to cater to individual needs effectively.

Giving Specific Time Options

  • When asking someone to visit or meet, Kyle advises providing specific time options.
  • This makes it easier for people to decide and commit. 
  • He provides an example of a friend struggling to make a decision at a burrito joint that further emphasizes this point.

The Price-Point Effect 

  • Gym pricing determines the type of experience and level of engagement offered.
  • Cheaper gyms tend to be more transactional, while boutique gyms, like CrossFit, can be pricier and provide a highly personalized experience. 
  • Kyle shares their family’s gym membership costs, emphasizing the investment made for quality services.

The Importance of Immediate Action

  • In sales, taking immediate action is crucial. 
  • Whether it’s booking appointments for the same day or the next day, the goal is to get potential customers into the gym or schedule their first class. 
  • By avoiding vague scheduling questions and suggesting specific times, sales professionals increase their chances of success.

Mastering the art of sales in the gym industry requires adaptation, quick thinking, and persistence. With a focus on understanding customers’ motivations, giving specific time options, and taking immediate action, success in gym sales becomes attainable. Join us as we delve deeper into the world of sales and personal growth.

“I always say action equals why. And that means if somebody took an action, is actively taking action, or plans to take action, there’s a reason why they’re doing it, and we need to uncover that reason.” -Kyle Vamvouris


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