Are you ready to work with clients who know your worth?

In this episode of the Gym Owners Growth Zone podcast, host Andres Escobar speaks with Andrea Klas, the owner of Whole Body Fitness. Listen to her inspiring story as a fitness coach and how she found incredible success by doing one thing. From losing clients to attracting higher-paying ones, this transformative journey highlights the power of intention and personal growth in the fitness world.

Andrea Klas Journey

  • Andrea’s background is in teaching aerobic classes and an economics degree.  
  • Combining her knowledge of physiology from working in a pharmaceutical company with her passion for personal training, she built her own gym in a seaside village near Vancouver.
  • However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant loss of clients, prompting a complete revamp of her business strategy.


The Magical Metamorphosis

  • Andrea initially worried about losing clients, but soon noticed that low-paying clients naturally left after a shift in mindset and self-value.
  • As the low-paying clients departed, higher-paying ones started coming in, creating a positive transformation in Andrea’s business.
  • By placing her desires and intentions into the universe, she witnessed firsthand the power of attracting the right clients.


Valuing Worth in the Fitness Industry

  • Trainers and gym owners need to seek clients who appreciate their expertise.
  • While the current model may not work for everyone, it can be successful for those who recognize their value and demand it.
  • Life is compared to a roller coaster, where having guardrails and support systems is crucial to staying on track and reaching new heights.


Holding on to Personal Power

  • Andrea reflects on her journey of self-worth and value, acknowledging moments of imposter syndrome.
  • Staying healthy and fit grounds her, providing energy and confidence to run her business effectively.
  • Additionally, maintaining good health positively impacts her marriage, children, and outdoor activities.

Empowering Decisions in Women

  • Andrea addresses societal challenges, where men often make decisions about their health without consulting anyone else, while women seek permission or input from their partners.
  • She finds it concerning how women give up their power to make decisions about their health.
  • She encourages women to recognize their worth, make autonomous decisions, and prioritize their well-being.


Overcoming Challenges and Growth

  • Andrea emphasizes the importance of initial guidance and support when using fitness software.
  • She acknowledges the inhibitors faced by businesses in the industry, but stands firm in her commitment to helping customers succeed.
  • She reflects on missed opportunities, regrets not starting a podcast earlier, and invites listeners to reflect on what they would start or stop sooner.


The State of the Fitness Industry

  • The industry is saturated with cookie-cutter programs promising quick results, but often disappoint.
  • Many online programs only offer short-term success before weight is regained.
  • Andrea expresses concern for companies promoting extreme diets and fake food, prioritizing profit over client well-being.
  • She advocates for a clear distinction between true professionals and individuals who claim expertise based on bodybuilding competitions.


In this thought-provoking episode of the GOGZ podcast,  you’ll witness the power of mindset, self-worth, and intention in the fitness world. Through Andrea’s journey and experiences, she demonstrates the importance of valuing oneself, making empowered decisions, and embracing a holistic lifestyle. This episode inspires listeners to take control of their fitness journey and reach their full potential.


“Being happy and active has positively influenced my marriage, my children, and my overall sense of fulfillment. It has grounded me and allows me to have the energy and confidence to run my business and live a fulfilling life.” – Andrea Klas



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