In this episode of “GOGZ Podcast,” Andres delves into the world of gym ownership with Cale Owen, a seasoned industry professional who has successfully navigated the challenges of running a gym business. He’ll discuss his journey and the valuable insights he has gained along the way. Tune in to discover how gym owners can achieve sustainable growth and profitability by implementing effective systems, maintaining a clear vision, and focusing on key behaviors.

Cale Owen’s Background

  • Cale’s love for fitness started during his youth while trying to become a better baseball player. He saw how strengthening and conditioning exercises helped him on the field. In college, his favorite class was personal training, and it clicked that this was what he wanted to do in life.

  • After college, he had the opportunity to start a gym with a friend from school. Due to their inexperience in running a business, their business failed.

  • A couple of years later, he started another gym in St. Augustine, Florida. During his adventure at this new business, he continued to struggle because he didn’t understand marketing and sales. 

  • His luck changed after seeing Alex Ramosi online and signed onto Gym Launch in 2017. Within ten days of doing so, he made more than he did in the first nine months of that year.

  • Following the marketing and sales systems of Gym Launch, Cale was able to turn his luck around and build a successful business.

Lessons Learned From Personal and Business Challenges

  • Identify the true problem: Rather than accepting the obvious answer or surface-level problem, it’s important to isolate and prioritize the true problem that needs to be solved. This allows for more effective problem-solving and resolution.

  • Focus on the basics: Consistently doing the basics and continuously improving them is crucial for success. By embracing the process and focusing on the fundamental behaviors required to achieve their goals, one can make progress and achieve success.

  • Embrace failure: Cale draws lessons from playing baseball and emphasizes the importance of embracing failure. He understands that failure is a natural part of the learning and growth process. By learning from failures and using them as opportunities for improvement, one can continue to progress towards their goals.

  • Have a big and scary vision: Cale believes in having a big and scary vision for his business. This vision serves as a driving force and motivates him to take bold actions. He understands that having a compelling vision is essential for long-term success.

  • Faith and resilience: Faith plays an important role in how Cale makes decisions and takes action. He believes in an eternal joy that outweighs the ups and downs of life. This perspective allows him to stay resilient and persevere through challenges and setbacks.

Join Andres for this insightful conversation with Cale Owen, who shares his expertise and strategies for achieving success in the competitive world of gym ownership. Whether you’re a current gym owner looking for growth strategies or aspiring to enter the industry, this episode provides valuable insights and actionable steps to excel in your fitness business. Tune in now and take your gym ownership journey to the next level.

“Consistently doing the basics and continuously improving them will lead to success.” – Cale Owen


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