Which is better, owning a gym alone or forming a partnership?

You may wonder this when you decide to become a business owner within the fitness industry. Business partnerships have downsides, which may keep you from becoming a gym co-owner.

However, this Gym Owner Growth Zone podcast episode may change your mind. Our host Andres speaks with Mark Samuels and Samuel Brown, the Supreme Body Training gym owners in South New Jersey.

Here’s the inspiring story of two personal trainers who formed a business partnership. Their story will help you decide whether to do it alone or become a co-owner.

Mark & Samuel’s Background

●     Samuel first met Mark while working at a gym as a janitor. He recently received his personal trainer certification and looking to find his way within the industry. They became friends after Samuel started asking questions about gaining clients.

●     After leaving the gym they met at, Mark became a personal trainer at LA Fitness. Mark hired Samuel despite their rule of not putting college kids in manager roles.

●     Mark realized he enjoyed the art of selling while working at LA Fitness. He discovered many gym owners don’t know how to sell or market their services. Listen to how he utilized the floor pull technique to help him get new clients.

●     They now own the Supreme Body Training gyms in Vineland, NJ, and Sewell, NJ.

Why Is Partnership Better Than Solo Ownership?

●     As a result of their age differences, Mark and Samuel provide different perspectives on their business. Mark can set a serious tone for the business as an older gentleman, while Samuel can bring the energy due to his younger age.

●     Due to their different mindsets, both can take creative spins within the business when one is unsure of what to do next.

●     Mark’s experience helps him correct Samuel when he notices he’s about to make a mistake. Samuel shares the importance of being a sponge and soaking up every piece of information you can learn from someone else.

●     If you decide to enter the business yourself, be sure to find tools or mentors to help you along the way.

General Life Advice

●     Mark shares the importance of knowing when you have a weak foundation in one area of your life. For example, if you’re in a bad relationship, then it can affect other areas of your life.

●     Samuel shares how you can convince others to support you when they believe you’re making a wrong decision in life. He also shares a story of how he was able to market the business on Facebook in 2017. The trick won’t work now, but the story shares the importance of knowing how to stand out when marketing.

●     Mark shares that gym owners shouldn’t focus on finding the one employee who can be the driving force for the company. Instead, focus on building good systems so everyone will do their job correctly.

In this episode of the GOGZ podcast, co-owners Mark Samuels & Samuel Brown share valuable advice for gym owners. While listening to this episode, you’ll surely learn from the guest speakers that’ll move you to become better business owners.

“When hiring a personal trainer, you’re hiring an artist.” – Mark Samuels


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