Sometimes it’s better to target a market that others are avoiding. You may think you should market to the 20-year-olds who want a hot body, but maybe it’s a better idea to target those 50 and older.

Why is that?

In this episode of the GOGZ podcast, host Andres Escobar speaks with copywriter Jay Croft on a golden market area that many gym owners ignore. They also share insightful tips on crafting compelling content to reach this hidden audience. So, check out this episode of the GOGZ podcast on targeting the 50 and older population within the fitness industry!

Jay Croft Background

  • Jay has 30 years of experience in mass media communication for big corporations. He now works as a copywriter for the fitness industry.
  • Why should you listen to him since he is not a gym owner? He knows how to target an untapped market within the fitness world that many gym owners ignore. 
  • Be sure to check out his website:

Why Should You Market to This Untapped Area?

  • The younger generation focuses more on losing weight to help them look good. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but they’re quick to lose interest in meeting this goal.
  • The 50 and older age group often has a more driven purpose for being fit. For example, some may want to become stronger to be there for their grandkids.
  • Also, the older population has the time and money to help them focus on fitness. This allows them to stick around with you longer than the younger ones would. 

How Can You Reach This Fitness Market?

  • Try to write your own content, such as blogs, newsletters, and social media. However, keep in mind that for you to reach this population, you must think like them.
  • You’re not writing for yourself, you’re writing content for your audience. When writing, get outside your head and get inside the audience’s mind instead. 
  • Remember, telling a story always sells! You’re not writing a high school research paper, which is a common mistake many new writers make. 
  • You want to connect with your audience to make them read your content and take action. Jay shares actionable tips on how to do this within the fitness industry.
  • It’s okay if you’re not good at copywriting. If you’re struggling, reach out to Jay for help.

How Can You Make Your Business Grow?

  • Stop coming up with excuses and take action to make your business grow.
  • Stop talking about it and be about it! This advice can be implied towards copywriting and being a gym owner. 
  • Lastly, Andres asks insightful questions, and Jay shares powerful answers to help you as a writer. 

“The key to life is a driven purpose” – Andres Escobar

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