You love your work as a personal fitness trainer and enjoy helping others create a healthy lifestyle. However, you’re ready to move up in your career and want to become a business owner.

But knowing how difficult it is to become a successful business owner keeps you from doing it. The fear of failing and the unknown makes you believe you’ll never succeed in becoming an entrepreneur.

In this episode of the GOGZ podcast, we’re here to encourage you to push through your challenges so you can fulfill your dreams. Host Andres Escobar had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Mayo, a highly successful entrepreneur, and innovator in the fitness industry. 

With over three decades of experience, Rick shares his insights on achieving business growth, the importance of holistic wellness, and embracing discomfort on the entrepreneurial journey. Join us as we dive into the key takeaways from our conversation with Rick Mayo!

Who Is Rick Mayo?

  • Rick Mayo is a successful fitness entrepreneur, writer, and speaker.
  • He owns Alloy personal fitness franchise and worked in the fitness industry since 1992.
  • His franchise provides personal training fitness facilities worldwide
  • Rick shares his inspiring journey from personal trainer to business owner to help others to follow their passion despite their fears.

 Sacrificing for Growth and Embracing Fearlessness

  • Rick believes in sacrificing personal enjoyment for the greater good of growing his franchise. He emphasizes the importance of expanding to 800 locations to create more career opportunities in the fitness industry and provide returns for investors.
  • While Rick acknowledges the importance of standing in the room and witnessing the results of his labor, he reveals that he misses the direct interaction with customers the most. Connecting with clients and seeing their progress is the most gratifying part of his business.
  • Rick’s entrepreneurial journey demonstrates the inevitability of discomfort and self-doubt. He emphasizes that this discomfort is a sign of growth and urges aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace it as a path to success. 
  • Delayed gratification and tolerating suffering are essential to achieving big goals!

Building a Successful Business

  • Rick emphasizes that achieving success is possible for others and encourages aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs to aim high.
  • He actively participates in industry events and conferences, sharing his expertise and inspiring young coaches.
  • Rick shares the challenges he faced when starting his business and the downturn he experienced when high-level coaches left due to the lack of systematic approaches.
  • He discusses his setbacks to show others the negative can turn into opportunities for growth. It is also possible to implement his knowledge within workout and sales systems.

 Holistic Wellness as the Core

  • Rick advocates for the fitness industry to broaden its scope beyond intense workouts. He believes that wellness should include aspects such as sleep supplements and nutrition.
  • Rick envisions the fitness industry as a central hub in a wellness wheel, with other spokes including recovery, sleep, and nutrition. By positioning the industry as a front-end healthcare solution, it can address the needs of a broader population and prioritize prevention over treatment.
  • He believes that boutique fitness businesses have the potential to influence people’s overall health and well-being, focusing on increasing health span and play span rather than just lifespan.

Tune in to this episode as Rick Mayo shares his profound insights and experiences on navigating the world of franchising in the fitness industry and offers invaluable lessons for coaches, entrepreneurs, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss out on unlocking the power of franchising and embracing a holistic approach to wellness!

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