In this episode, our host Andres sits down with Zechariah Cesani, fitness expert and owner of The Avenue Luxe. His ten years of experience in the fitness industry have taught him many lessons. Discover how his faith and trust have led him to become a successful business owner today!

 Zechariah’s Background

  • Most personal trainers enter the field from inspiration and a love for working out. Zechariah’s desire to become a fitness trainer comes from his frustration and anger during his youth. He found that exercising helped fuel his need for control and believed it could help others.
  • Zechariah quickly found out that you need more than just passion. He was failing to be a professional fitness trainer due to his lack of business experience.
  • He stepped away from the fitness industry to do deep soul-searching. After experimenting with different jobs in other industries, he found mentors and resources to help him become a better business owner. Now he owns one of the most successful gyms in West Palm, Florida.

Overcome Challenges

  • When starting his business initially, he realized that he tended to overthink a lot. This led him to be one of those people who is always on the go-around of “getting ready.” 
  • What helped him stop getting ready and start taking action was prioritizing what needed to get done. Zechariah provides a story about the flooring situation in his gym and how he overcame the challenge once he changed his mindset. 
  • Doing his best is something he has heard throughout his life. However, this advice mainly applies to employees of a company. If you’re a business owner, you must do whatever it takes to overcome your challenges.

 How can the fitness industry be improved?

  • Some consumers may need help with how they receive information on social media. When they see fitness influencers make statements such as, “Stop doing this to see results” or “5 things you must do for results,” they start believing this is the only way for them to become healthy. Zechariah discusses why every client needs custom solutions and the importance of researching the information they receive on social media.
  • The difference between an influencer and a manipulator is their heart. Influencers share information from their heart because they care about others’ health and help them reach their goals. On the other hand, manipulators only care about the money aspect of sharing their information. When consumers know the difference between the two, they expect a positive experience with the fitness expert they’re working with.

 Getting out of your own way and having a supportive team

  • Sometimes you’re your worst enemy, and you must get out of your way for true growth. Zechariah shares an inspirational story about the importance of faith, trust, and letting go of control.
  • The gas theory is popular in the fitness industry. Zechariah discovered the gas theory from his father to help him reflect on and improve his situation. He uses his life teachings from his dad and applies them to all areas of his life.


Functional Aging Institute 

Wild Heart by John Eldrige 


The Ave Luxe Gym


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