In this episode of the Gym Owners Growth Zone podcast, our host Andres Escobar meets with Dustin Bogle, author of Reinforce Your Gym. They talk about learning about expansion the hard way, creating a strong employee culture, and setting high standards for yourself.

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Dustin’s Background

  • He grew up very uncomfortable in his skin and not very active. One day, he joined a buddy at the gym and realized what he was missing.

  • He became passionate about sharing the joys of transformation through fitness as a personal trainer, and also got into pro wrestling!

  • Eventually, he got out of the wrestling game and went all in on fitness.

Expanding from One Gym to Many

  • After making opening one successful gym, Bogle went on to open several others. He learned the hard way that you have to teach culture and leadership to employees.

  • Acid test: If you can walk away from your gym for 30 days and it won’t fall apart, you’re ready to open another.

3 Things You MUST Do as a Gym Owner

  • Motivate: You’re the person who creates the vision. You remind your employees why they’re there – hopefully for more than the paycheck.

  • Delegate: You can’t do all the tasks. Give up some day-to-day tasks, including the ones you enjoy.

  • Sell: Change your views on money. Celebrate others’ wins and don’t sell yourself short – you’re providing an awesome service.

The Fast 5

Who is the most influential person/people in your business journey?

  • Ed Mylett – coach, speaker, entrepeneur.

What’s one thing you wish you had known when you began your business?

  • More about leadership – learn it as soon as you can.

What’s a book/show/video/podcast/etc. that has positively impacted you?

Do you have a favorite online tool?

  • Slack

What’s one practice or habit that you believe everyone would benefit from?

  • Working out! Obesity is on the rise in the USA. Spread the message on how to help people change their lives and get healthy.

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