Episode Description

In today’s episode of Gym Owners Growth Zone, the second part in a two part episode, our host Andres Escobar continues his discussion with Scott Carpenter to discuss how gym owners can use obstacles to grow themselves and their gyms.


The Biggest Challenge in the Fitness Industry

  • According to Carpenter, the biggest challenge in the fitness industry is price. The price of marketing, of hiring employees, of opening additional locations, et cetera.

  • What many gym owners fail to realize is: The more successful they are, the more effort they then have to put in to prevent stagnation and continue succeeding. As you get more clients, your prices go up, and you have to compensate by getting even more clients.

  • Carpenter combats this by focusing on adding value to his clients. Not all of your clients have the same goals with their training. You can add value to them by tailoring your gym to specific needs.

  • Carpenter made a special video for listeners of the GOGZ podcast designed to help them better understand proper pricing. You can watch the video at this link.


The Fast 5

  • Who is an influential person/people in your business journey?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Russell Brunson.

  • What’s one thing you wish you had known when you began your business?

  • The importance of price and the importance of asking questions.

  • What’s a book/show/video/podcast/etc. that has positively impacted you?

  • Million Dollar Group Method.

  • Do you have a favorite online tool?

  • Google Sheets.

  • What’s one practice or habit that you believe EVERYONE would benefit from?

  • Habit tracking.


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