In today’s episode of the Gym Owners Growth Zone, the first of two parts, our host Andres Escobar meets with Scott Carpenter to discuss how gym owners can utilize obstacles as ways to grow their gyms.

Carpenter’s Background

  • Carpenter first got into fitness after quitting his corporate job. He learned he couldn’t sell things he didn’t believe in and, because of that, despised his white collar job. From there, he began to work at a big box gym and got into fitness.

  • His new job, however, became just as corporate. Carpenter then bought a failing gym business and began to focus on salvaging and revamping the failing business. Although he failed multiple times, Carpenter ultimately saved the gym.

How Carpenter Remained Focused

  • Throughout the week, Carpenter sets various goals for himself to accomplish. Although he doesn’t strive to be perfect, he does focus on improving himself. What matters most to Carpenter, however, is feeling satisfied. Every week, Carpenter strives to make it a good one.

  • Every week, Carpenter tries to leave as big of an impact as he can on the world through being the best friend, father, mentor, etc. that he can be. When he succeeds in that, it’s been a good week.

  • Andres has personally used Carpenter’s system and has seen massive improvements. If you want to get a better understanding of Carpenter’s method, you can check out a video covering it here.

How Carpenter Overcame Challenges

  • One challenge that Carpenter faced early in his gym career was fear and anxiety. He, just like several other gym owners, was scared of how many hours he would have to pour into work and whether or not he’d even succeed. There’s a lot of risk involved in becoming a gym owner.

  • To combat all of this fear, Carpenter had faith in himself and trusted the process. All entrepreneurs have fears and doubts, it’s normal to have setbacks. Carpenter would also listen to podcasts and read books about the lowest points of successful gym owners to realize it was all part of the journey.

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