In today’s episode of the Gym Owner’s Growth Zone podcast, our host Andres Escobar meets with Pete Moore to discuss some lessons gym owners can learn from sports, and what sports can teach us about business.


Moore’s Background

  • Moore played in team sports growing up and gravitated towards defensive positions. Mainly, he played as a goalie in soccer because he didn’t care about scoring goals, but instead, cared about being on the winning team.

  • To Moore, being the CEO of a company is like being a goalie. Meanwhile, marketers and salespeople are the people scoring goals. Corporate, meanwhile, is more defensive and focused on supporting the offensive players.


How Moore Remained Focused

  • Moore remained focused throughout his career by focusing on fundamentals. For example, Moore uses the analogy of a javelin missile. A javelin is what sets your gym apart from the competition.

  • For Gold’s Gym, Moore focused on a specific group of gym goers and heavily targeted them, to avoid retention issues.


How Moore Overcame Challenges

  • One challenge that Moore faced was a gym franchise that was struggling. Out of 50 locations, only 10 or so were successful.

  • To remedy this, Moore focused on figuring out why so many gyms were unsuccessful. Then, he would try to provide them with a business model that would generate profit.

  • If he couldn’t provide a profitable business model, then Moore would stop being that gym’s franchisor. Some gyms simply grow too quickly and are unable to provide for all of their clients.


The Biggest Challenge in the Fitness Industry

  • According to Moore, the biggest challenge in the fitness industry is people lacking emotional intelligence. He says this is one of the biggest causes of retention issues.

  • Because of his background in team sports, Moore tries to figure out WHY someone is going to the gym. He collects data on what makes clients tick, then utilizes that data to keep them coming.

  • For example, Moore has personal trainers personally reach out to clients to ensure they continue coming to the gym.


The Fast 5

  • Who is an influential person/people in your business journey?

·         His dad, Peter Brockway, and the Galiani Brothers.

  • What’s one thing you wish you had known when you began your business?

·         The importance of timing.

  • What’s a book/show/video/podcast/etc. that has positively impacted you?

·         Presidential Historian by John Mitchum and Time To Win Again.

  • Do you have a favorite online tool?

·         Google Calendar.

  • What’s one practice or habit that you believe EVERYONE would benefit from?

·         Filling out a win or lose calendar daily.


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