In today’s episode of the Gym Owners Growth Zone podcast, our host Andres Escobar meets with Elizabeth Saurez to discuss her personal journey from a corporate employee to a stakeholder, as well as the lessons she learned along the way.

Saurez’s Background


  • From the beginning, Saurez was interested in fitness and training to achieve her personal goals. She was a competitive bodybuilder for 4 years but started working in the fitness industry during school.
  • After going from job to job, Saurez eventually landed a corporate role at a fitness company and began to learn more about the actual business of gyms and gym ownership.
  •  Eventually, she would meet the two CEOs of the business she worked for. Saurez would then go meet with other gym owners to talk about franchising.
  • After beginning to work for F45, she asked for equity instead of cash, which led to her becoming a gym owner.

 How Saurez Remained Focused


  • What helped Saurez stay on track was to set DEADLINES for herself. Whatever tasks needed to be done, they would have a hard deadline that Saurez would HAVE to meet,
  • After she first received equity, Saurez then focused on building a proven and repeatable formula and plan to run her business.

 How Saurez Overcame Challenges


  • Saurez opened her first gym during the COVID pandemic and had several different obstacles to overcome. Her main tool for overcoming challenges was keeping the end goal in mind.
  • Perfectly planning and predicting things is impossible, especially in business. By focusing on the end goal, however, Saurez was able to preserve and begin her business.

The Biggest Challenge in the Fitness Industry

  • According to Saurez, the single biggest problem within the fitness industry is divisions. Instead of nutrition, exercise, personal fitness, and mental well-being all considered the same thing, we view them as different.

The Fast 5


  • Who is an influential person/people in your business journey?
  • Roy Assad.


  • What’s one thing you wish you had known when you began your business?
  • To never make fear-based decisions.


  • What’s a book/show/video/podcast/etc? that has positively impacted you?
  • The Jordan B Peterson podcast.


  • Do you have a favorite online tool?
  • An online calendar.


  • What’s one practice or habit that you believe EVERYONE would benefit from?
  •   Getting everything that needs to be done finished before going to bed.

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